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What is network cabling?

The cabling network means the set of wires that connect the different components of a network computer science between them. It is not only the network of machines but also the internet and intranet of the company.

What is structured cabling?

Structured cabling aims at the optimal organization and distribution of wires and cables serving a particular network. It allows the interconnection of different devices through the establishment of an optimized communication network.

This configuration can be used to interconnect different rooms in a home, departments in a company or even international branches using the same data sources. These data centers are then linked together by patch panels, which are in turn connected to a distribution center by a cabling network hidden in the walls and ceilings. This distribution center is the control point from which the entire network can be configured and managed. Typically, twisted pair cables (network cables), coaxial cables or fiber optic cables are used to set up such an IT infrastructure.

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Our mission:

We offer companies complete network cabling system solutions, with proper installation of components that comply with structured cabling standards.
We design a structured cabling plan for your organization, using the latest network testing tools to verify each cable before the installation is complete.