Do you know the benefits of technology Sip?

In the first article we discovered the first 3 benefits of SIP telephony technology. Here are three other equally important:

The benefits of SIP

4 – Improved reliability.

Because the SIP as a system allow reduction equipment may automatically improves the reliability thereof. Centralization bundled SIP lines also improves your phone service especially in case of network failure. Indeed, within a framework of traditional phone line, it is more difficult and take longer to put everything in order.

5- Optimization of all your communications

When we talk about optimizing your communications the term Unified Communications is very often used. A SIP-based technology system allows unified several types of communication such as video conferencing, web applications, instant messaging and more.

To learn more about unified communications:

6- Additions phone number is simplified

Due to the structure of a network grouping line SIP telephone, it is very easy when opening new office on site or remotely to add new numbers. You can open a new office in another city and plan your new numbers even before the physical opening of this new location.

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