Wireless Internet

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Wireless Internet for businesses in Quebec

This Service Is Available For Companies Not Served By Allesi Fibre Cable Internet.

This service is available for companies not served by Allesi fibre cable internet.

SpeedStatic IPUnlimitedPriceInstallation
30×10yesyes168.75$$300 with a 36 month commitment
$900 with a 12 month commitment

LTE Redundancy (Optional)

LTE Redundancy Ensures Business Continuity In The Event Of A Network Failure.

This optional service provides a second internet connection via LTE network.

Tier 00-500Moincluded in base rate
Tier 1500Mo-1Go15$/month
Tier 21Go-3Go30$/month additional
  • * Managed/flex service with wireless router/modem rental and SIM card
  • * LTE allows the user to download and upload with variable speeds depending on available network coverage.
  • Note that the supplied equipment cannot receive 1 static IP and LTE at the same time.

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