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Special Benefits

Special Benefits

No hidden fees

No hidden fees, no file opening fees, no cash advance required of any kind.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied, simply return it to us within 15 days for a refund.

24/7 Technical Support

Maintenance at no cost to purchasing any video surveillance system.


Allesi is a leader in implementing surveillance camera system based on IP (Samsung) technology. A vast choice is offered to you in security camera whether in analog or IP mode. Control access to your offices with proximity readers, doors and / or biometric systems. Add a recorder and monitor to your network so you can keep your videos.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


Cooperation and good agreement

Creating opportunities together in a climate of goodwill and cooperation.


At the service of your success

By negotiating with you the end of contracts of your suppliers and avoiding expensive penalties.


Assistance and advice

Our expert advisors assist you in each of your requests and in all your specific needs.


24/7 Free priority support

Allesi takes care of the equipment maintenance and offers you a 24/7 toll-free technical support.

IP ou HD ?

Which Camera System Should You Choose?

Different types of cameras are available and the first thing to do is to choose the right technology, be it digital or analog. Analogue systems are losing momentum in terms of speed, but they have the great advantage of operating with older equipment compatible with the NTSC standard (cathode ray tubes, video recorders).
IP digital cameras are compatible with the latest technologies (LCD flat screens, LED, Plasma), and they offer outstanding image quality.

*Prices are based on 60-month lease financing with the 10% call option at the end of the term. Installation and configuration fees are extra. The images presented are for informational purposes only.

The field of vision: expressed in angle degrees. This refers to the area that a lens is capable of filming. The focal length of a lens determines the width of the field of view filmed by the camera. A wide-angle lens has a shorter focal length than a telephoto lens, so its field of vision is wider.

Aperture and exposure: The f-number defines the aperture of the lens and thus the amount of light that can pass through. The lower the f-number, the greater the ability of the lens to collect light. A low f-number can provide a good image even if the area to be monitored is poorly lit. A larger f-number, conversely, gives a greater depth of field (deeper sharp area between the foreground and the background).

Sensitivity: expressed in Lux, this lets you know if a camera is capable of filming in the dark or not. The lower the value, the higher the sensitivity, meaning that it is capable of detecting movements in the dark.

Night vision:the infrared LEDs surrounding the lenses allow outdoor surveillance even at night. As soon as the area to be monitored starts to get dark, the camera automatically switches to “night” mode and turns on the LEDs around the lens. Some models can light up to 30 metres. The area monitored switches to greyscale.

Autofocus:this type of focus provides clear and precise images.

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We Are Trusted By...

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