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Call Center Management

With CMS Samsung

The Samsung Software Suite for Call Center Management (Samsung CMS) provides a real-time overview of your call center activity. Quickly and easily analyze interactions with customers and suppliers using your configurable dashboard and all the report templates available with the application.
This call center management application is available with OfficeServ 7000 and Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) products.

The Samsung CMS meets your needs.

The Samsung CMS includes the following modules:

This module provides your managers with complete visibility of your telephone traffic and the cost of your calls for one or more of your sites, per individual, department or customer.


Includes call recording, quality data and call assessment. Use it to store, search, replay, archive and send secure e-mail records.


Provides call center analysis data using dashboards and group panels, supervisory tools, agent statuses.

Call Center Management

GlobalTax Entreprise

GlobalTax Enterprise is the tool for optimizing telephone costs and decision support.

Simple, efficient and real-time traffic analysis gives you complete control over the telephone traffic in your company.

This solution meets your needs.


Excel directory import / export
Self-generation of posts
Grouping of positions by service (unlimited)


Generating invoices with or without communications details
Taxation with duration or impulse
Apply a margin on your purchase costs
Management of business codes and customer numbers
Operator management and purchase / selling costs

Traffic Analysis

Observation of incoming / outgoing traffic
Calls per hour, per day, per geographical area …
Calls by post, service, business code …
The 20 most called, the most expensive numbers …
Alerts on consumption by service or for the whole company
Predefined requests with multicriterion filtering
Export your queries in Excel


Acquisition of data in RS232 or TCP / IP according to PABX
Multi PC consultation remotely via the network

Do you need to re-charge telephone costs to a customer, improve the quality of your company's reception, or control abuses and drifts within your company?



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