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EnGenius Durafon 4X Handset (Modified Handset)


SKU DURAFON-4X-HC Catégorie Marque


EnGenius Durafon 4X Handset (Modified Handset)

***This is a Durafon Pro Handset Modified to work as a 4X handset with Durafon 4x Systems*** (The original 4X-HC Handset has been discontinued)

Product Highlights

The DuraFon 4X long-range handset is compatible with DuraFon 4X and EP-490 systems to extend the capabilities of your business even further. Designed for rugged environments, the handset penetrates common infrastructures and covers long distances that normally reduce signal strength, making it ideal for warehouses or areas covering large areas of land.

  • Two-Way Radio Handset
  • Compatible With DuraFon 4X & EP-490 System
  • 2.5 mm Head Port Included
  • Designed for Rugged Industrial Use

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