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EnGenius EnStationAC IEEE 802.11ac 1.17 Gbit/s Wireless Bridge ENSTATIONAC

$259.99 TTC

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Optimal Bandwidth, Wider Channel Range, Faster, Smoother HD Video Streaming

EnStationAC supports blazing fast 802.11ac wireless speeds to 867 Mbps on the 5 GHz band for accommodating 4k Ultra High Definition (UHD) video and heavy multi-application traffic services with extended bandwidth over a wider channel range (20MHz, 40MHz and/or 80MHz) allowing network managers to fine tune channel usage based on the application.

Connect and Power A Second Network Device for Greater Deployment Flexibility

With its secondary 802.3af-compliant PoE pass-through Gigabit port, EnStationAC connects and powers an additional PoE-compatible device like a remote IP surveillance camera or AP for greater deployment flexibility and convenience. Easily position EnStationAC for maximum connectivity with its 360-degree, 3-axis pivoting arm that locks in place, ensuring precise alignment between other EnStationAC devices.

Deliver Precise Short & Long-Range Point-to-Point Connectivity

EnStationAC is ideal for Point-to-Point (PtP) applications over short or long distances where cabling is not possible or practical. Longer ranges can be achieved when paired with another EnStationAC in a PtP deployment by aligning their dish-shaped, 19 dBi dual-polarized, high-gain antennas to face each other, ensuring each gets the full impact of the narrow-focused, wireless beam, reducing frequency interference over long distances.

Grounded Power-over-Ethernet Extends Power to Unwired Areas

Deploy the EnStationAC where power outlets are scarce or unavailable, such as under the eaves of roofs, high atop light poles or in other remote locations up to 328 feet away. Power the unit via the included passive 54v Gigabit PoE adapter (EPA5006GP) while protecting valuable network equipment from power surges or short-circuits associated with lightning strikes and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

  • No need to run those expensive long cables, just use this wireless bridge to connect not just one but two of your existing wired networks to enjoy Wi-Fi
  • Ensure speedy data transfer of up to 1.17 Gbit/s with the IEEE 802.11ac wireless technology
  • Gigabit Ethernet port for ultra-fast wired network speeds
  • Electrical power is transmitted along with the data in a single cable to devices such as the Access Points, IP cameras or IP phones
  • Manufacturer Part Number : ENSTATIONAC
  • Brand Name : EnGenius
  • Form Factor : Wall Mountable
  • Weight (Approximate) : 458.1 g
  • Manufacturer : EnGenius Technologies, Inc
  • Product Type : Wireless Bridge
  • Limited Warranty : 1 Year
  • Product Model : EnStationAC
  • Depth : 7.48″ (189.99 mm)
  • Package Contents : Outdoor Long-Range 11ac Wireless Bridge, PoE Adapter (EPA5006GP), Pole/Wall Mounting Kit, Mounting Screw Set, Quick Installation Guide
  • Product Name : Outdoor Long-Range 11ac Wireless Bridge
  • Height : 1.50″ (38.10 mm)

Extra Information


7.48″ (189.99 mm)

Limited Warranty:
1 Year

Brand Name:

Package Contents:
Outdoor Long-Range 11ac Wireless Bridge, PoE Adapter (EPA5006GP), Pole/Wall Mounting Kit, Mounting Screw Set, Quick Installation Guide

EnGenius Technologies, Inc

Manufacturer Part Number:

Product Name:
Outdoor Long-Range 11ac Wireless Bridge

Product Type:
Wireless Bridge

Product Model:

Form Factor:
Wall Mountable

Weight (Approximate):
458.1 g

1.50″ (38.10 mm)