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Nortel M3905 Digital Phone Charcoal – Refurbished

$142.99 TTC

SKU NTMN35-R Catégorie Marque


Nortel M3905 Digital Charcoal Phone – Refurbished (NTMN35-R)


  • Display: 4 line by 24 characters
  • Programmable line or feature keys: Eight
  • Self-labeled feature keys: Four
  • Fixed feature keys: Five
  • Support for a supervisor to listen/talk on live calls
  • Navigation cluster
  • Allows for two snap-in cartridge accessories


  • Meridian 1
  • Option 11C Mini, Option 11C, Option 61C and Option 81C
  • Meridian SL-100

The features you need for maximum productivity • Supports up to seven lines • Optimized for call center environments • Display • Dual headset jacks • Supervisor monitoring (talk/listen or listen only) • Interactive soft keys for quick feature access to numerous features • Options list for maximum customization and personalization • Multiple language selection capability • Desk or wall mount • Handset optional • Supports two snap-in cartridge accessories

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