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Dedicated Fiber Internet Solutions in Quebec

New Generation Web

With the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of the new generation of web and unified communications applications, the speed and reliability of your network has become critical to your success. Make sure your business is properly equipped to meet these challenges by increasing the speed of your network with Allesi Fiber Services. We offer two distinct Ethernet services - Ethernet Inter-networking and Priority Ethernet Inter-networking - that give you the freedom to choose the best solution for your business.

The advantage of a Fiber Optic network

An optical fiber is a very thin glass or plastic wire that has the property of being a conductor of light and is used to transmit data and light.
Its advantage: it offers a much higher data rate than coaxial cables and supports a broadband network through which television, telephone, videoconference or computer data can be transmitted.

Ethernet Inter-networking (EI) service is targeted at organizations that need to connect multiple locations. This solution is suitable for connecting local area networks, data centers and remote sites. It offers multiple classes of service from a single access and uses a cost-effective network user interface. The service offers speeds from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Priority Ethernet Inter-networking (PEI) service is for organizations that want reliable, fast, secure, low-latency point-to-point connectivity.
It is particularly well suited for applications that require high availability, minimal latency, and high bandwidth, such as data centers, hosting centers, and business continuity systems.