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Call center management

Do you need to re-invoice telephone costs to a client, improve the quality of your company's reception or control abuses and abuses within your company?

Simple, effective, real-time traffic analysis gives you total control over your company's phone traffic.

  • Excel directory import/export
  • Self-generation of substations
  • Grouping of positions by department (unlimited)

  • Generation of invoices with or without communication details
  • Time-based or impulse-based taxation
  • Application of a margin on your purchase costs
  • Management of business codes and customer numbers
  • Management of operators and purchase/sale costs

Traffic analysis
  • Observation of incoming/outgoing traffic
  • Calls by hour, by day, by geographical area...
  • Calls by extension, by department, by business code...
  • The 20 most called numbers, the most expensive...
  • Alerts on consumption by department or for the whole company
  • Predefined queries with multi-criteria filtering
  • Export your queries to Excel

  • Data acquisition in RS232 or TCP/IP depending on the PBX
  • Remote multi PC consultation via network

Toll free lines 1800

Toll free throughout Canada and the United States

The toll-free line for businesses has no monthly fees and you only pay for its use. Dynamism, accessibility and prestige are what a simple toll-free line can give to your company. It contributes to improve your image in addition to significantly increase your customer traffic. The toll-free line is now a must in customer service. Allesi offers you the best price on the market for packages and toll-free lines (1-800).