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Ubiquiti business network products and solutions

High performance, easy to use and innovative solutions.

ubiquiti networks - Ubiquiti produits et solutions


has been providing a wide variety of high-end wireless networking products that use innovative and revolutionary wireless technology since 2005. Ubiquiti's product offering ranges from long-range Wi-Fi access points to home routers.


Discover UniFi technology, a highly advanced enterprise networking system that combines professional performance, scalability and centralized management that can be easily deployed on any PC.
Equip your business now with a next-generation wireless network that meets the best Wi-Fi performance on the market!

système de gestion - UNIFI
Speed Static Ip Unlimited Price Installation
30x30 Yes Yes 168.75$ 300$ with 36 month commitment
30x30 Yes Yes 236.50$ 900$ with 12 month commitment

LTE redundancy (optional)

Ensures Business Continuity In Case Of Network Failure.

Wireless Internet Packages

Service available to businesses not served by Allesi's Fiber Cable Internet.

Base 0 - 500 MB included in the database
Bearing 0 500 MB - 1GB 15$/month extra
Level 1 Yes Yes
Level 2 1GB - 3GB 30$/month extra
  • Managed/flex service with wireless router/modem rental and SIM card
  •  LTE allows the user to operate downstream and upstream with varying speeds depending on the available network coverage.
  • Note that the equipment provided cannot receive 1 static IP and LTE at the same time.