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Cloud telephony for businesses in Quebec

Cloud-based virtual receptionist phone system. Efficient. Smart. Mobile. Secure.

Your sales and customer service representatives will benefit from increased productivity and secure mobility thanks to the voice virtual assistant that powers the ALLESI phone system. Your customers will appreciate the secure mobility and fast call transfer provided by your voice receptionist.

Accessories for access control

Cloud telephony features

Virtual receptionist with voice recognition

Virtual receptionist allowing customers to reach employees and departments by name verbally.

Manage your business communications wherever you are, as if you were in the office.

Administrator access to the general call log for customer billing and cost control.

Automatic distribution of calls to agents on call.

Monthly on-call schedules automatically generated to ensure fair distribution of calls.


Accessories for access control

Téléphonie Cloud

Advanced telephony in the cloud

Advanced telephone functions in the cloud.

Web portal for easy management of the voice directory including phonetic names.

Benefit from easy installation, scalability and cost savings when you switch to Evatel IP telephony.

Be easily reachable on your unique number for calls, faxes and texts.

All your email, web and mobile app communications.

Control when, where and from whom you want to receive calls.

Use voice recognition for safe mobility.

Sync your phone system with Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and your favorite CRMs.

Equip your mobile employees with powerful tools to increase their productivity.

Secure voice access to messages

Call your contacts and colleagues by name while driving safely.

Dial hands-free from your car or office.

Use the callback feature to save on airtime and long distance charges.

Listen to and process emails via voice commands while on the road.

View your calendar and schedule appointments while driving safely.

Phone alerts to listen to your text messages and answer them by voice commands.

Accès vocal sécuritaire
Téléphonie Cloud

Call forwarding with intelligent filtering

Single number for calls, texts and faxes.

Customized call forwarding with status profiles to be reachable when and where you want.

Intelligent call filtering to receive only important calls.

Manage your call forwarding on the web, the mobile application or by voice commands.

Mobile office station to work anywhere

Free Internet calls with your business number.

Access to your voice messages.

Access to your faxes.

Send and receive text messages on your business number.

Quick access to recorded conversations.

Call log with callback option.

Access to the corporate voice directory.

Manage your status and call forwarding.

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Accès vocal sécuritaire

Mobile office station to work anywhere

Programmable virtual receptionist service.

Bilingual user interface (French and English).

Advanced telephone functions: ACD, Groups, Intercom, etc...

High quality IP phone lines.

Voice messages via email, web and mobile app.

Faxes via email, web and mobile app.

Recording of calls at any time.

Mobile app for Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Transcription of voice messages.

Programmable call distribution.

Personalized reception of callers.

Telephone reminders of important events.

Voice messages via email, web and mobile app.

Integration with Salesforce and Insightly CRM.

Import of contacts from CSV files.

Choice of IP telephone devices.