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Don't pay for maintenance

Allesi offers you general maintenance of the equipment installed by us or our partners, free of charge and for an unlimited period of time.
We believe that every company should leave it to their service provider to resolve telephony issues at no additional cost.

That's why Allesi has introduced a no-cost maintenance program that is a standard part of any hybrid or cloud (hosted) phone system purchase your company makes.

The Integrated Maintenance Program (IMP) applies to all companies that have their Internet links, fiber links, business phone lines and Cloud services with Allesi .

Peace of mind for all companies served by Allesi.

Here is the content in 20 points:

- Warranty on all parts of Samsung systems and NEC systems.
- Priority response at the Allesi Operations Center.
- Priority appointment for additions, changes or moves.
- Priority for service calls.
- Warranty on replacement parts in stock at Allesi.
- 19$ charge only per replacement handset and phone cord.
- Service and replacement of equipment according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
- Free equipment loans while waiting for equipment replacement --- defective equipment.
- Free remote update.
- No charge for service calls if no problems are identified (one per year).

And again ...

- Unlimited technical support 4 (via phone, email and TeamViewer) during the hours of
- regular business meetings (8:30am - 5:00pm)
- No charge for any remote programming changes during the hours
regular business hours (8:30am - 5:00pm) - Analysis and recommendations for on-demand local and long distance calls.
- No administration fee for requesting a line change from your service provider. service provider.
- Annual prevention visit.
- 24/7 service for emergency repair calls.
- No travel costs within the first 10KM.
- Phone tags as needed included - 1 per phone per year.
- Guaranteed fixed costs for the duration of the contract 3.
- User guide provided upon request via email.


- Based on normal use and condition. Includes all components of NEC, PANASONIC and NEC, PANASONIC and Samsung hybrid systems only. Applies only to new systems systems purchased by Allesi telecom and security. For telephones and other peripherals, Allesi takes charge of the manufacturer's warranty and the replacement of replacement of parts during its duration only.
- We make certain arrangements for you with our participating partners, but do not assume the costs and/or responsibility for them.

- As long as a minimum of two services are billed by Allesi. Applies only to only to agreements of 3 years or more without interruption or change in duration during the initial contract period. Automatic contract renewals may be subject to a cost adjustment to a cost adjustment and certain conditions. Some price changes may be made during your agreement to be made during your agreement to reflect market fluctuations or increases from certain suppliers. increases from certain suppliers.

- A maximum of 3 calls or service requests per email per month are included at no charge. free of charge. Each call or service request that exceeds 15 minutes counts as one next. A fee of 35$/20 minutes is charged for the 4th and subsequent calls or service call or service request. Unused calls are not cumulative. A minimum billing of your monthly service is required to apply the PMI.

- Normal conditions do not include tornadoes, heavy rain, hail, lightning, high winds, forest fires lightning, high winds, forest fires, electrical surges and excessive human handling. and excessive human handling.